Nice time in Newark

We spent the glorious Bank Holiday weekend up north – not proper north, just Lincolnshire way – specifically Claypole near Newark, but north enough for us London-types.

Huge thanks to the Newark McGlones for looking after us, entertaining us, feeding us, and generally making our weekend absolutely lovely.  The girls didn’t want to come home yesterday – not least because both slightly in awe of Dylan (who’s a grown-up 8 years old) and of Fergus (who’s nearly 6) McGlone, and seemed to spend half the weekend shouting “Dylan, Fergus, watch this!” before performing some brave or amusing feat.

The weather was glorious, the company excellent, and the surroundings beautiful – we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. 🙂

Not only that, but Millie (and Dylan) both learned to swing unaided across some very high-up monkey bars – even Amber and Fergus had a go (with some assistance).  They also, while in Sherwood Forest, managed to climb a large tree that even I found tricky to climb.  There was a bit of help needed the first time, but once they realised it was possible they were unstoppable – climbing up and down, discovering new routes, and getting so cocky that I had to keep telling them to take care.

Even Amber and Fergus, helped by my old friend Adam (an experienced climber), made it up there and down again.

It being Sherwood Forest, Millie had to have a bow and arrow, while Amber (of course) went for a Maid Marian outfit; both also had plastic swords, which they spent the weekend fencing with.

They’re not quite as girly-girly as we sometimes fear. 🙂

So, thank you to Adam, Sadie, Dylan and Fergus McGlone for having us to stay – we had a wonderful time.  Hopefully you’ll be able to come down south and visit us soon so we can repay the favour. 🙂


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